Hasta Mudras

An hasta mudra is a symbolic, ritualistic, and/or therapeutic hand motion used in yoga and Indian religions. The phrase hasta mudra is derived from the Sanskrit words hasta, which means “hand,” and mudra, which means “closure,” “mark,” or “seal.” As long as the posture is symmetrical and the body is calm, hasta mudras can be done seated, prone, standing, or even walking. These mudras are frequently employed in meditation and asana practice to focus the mind and manage the flow of energy.

Our bodies are made up of five main elements: Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Akash (space), Bhumi (earth), and water (water) (Jal). We live a disease-free, healthy life when these aspects are in balance. These elements are related to the various places of the hands, and our fingers act as electric wires, carrying energy to certain organs and the brain. We stimulate distinct sections of the brain and produce a specific energy circuit in the body when we place our hands in yoga mudras. All five important elements in our body are balanced by this energy flow.

The Apana mudra balances the energy of the root chakra, which aids in the awakening of the Kundalini energy stored in the perineum.

The purpose of this mudra is to cleanse your inside organs. This mudra is extremely powerful at removing waste and toxins from the body’s internal organs. It will thoroughly cleanse your entire body. It is thought to be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, urinary infections, constipation, abdominal pain, and other urinary issues. If you have phlegm or mucus in your chest or throat, this yoga pose will help you. This mudra can be used to soothe inflammation in the eyes, feet, hands, heart, and urinary tract.

Sehaj-Shankh Mudra can activate 10 main nerves, which makes the body healthy and strong. Spinal code becomes erect and gains flexibility. Increases alertness. Slip disk problems are solved. Problems related to the anus can be overcome. This mudra helps in solving problems related to speech, voice, digestive power, stomach, and intestines.

Kaleshwar Mudra is dedicated to TIME! It calms the mind and is very effective and helpful to eliminate addictions. Practising it can strengthen our willpower and prevent us from falling back into our old patterns. It develops strong determination. It enhances memory and concentration.

It is a powerful pose that transforms negative thoughts into positivity, it is also used to help change character traits, habits, and actions.

This posture can help increase the period between thoughts. The practice of this mudra not only allows the right state of calmness and clarity but also improves concentration, meditation, and memory.

Uttarbodhi Mudra is mostly considered as the source of enlightenment. Uttarbodhi Mudra also means happiness and energy!

  • It strengthens and calms the mind for a longer time.
  • It is known to strengthen and improve your lungs and intestines.
  • This makes your internal breathing process even stronger.
  • It strengthens your heart and brings complete refreshment to the body, which reduces your fear for a long time.

Paan Mudra: Most people suffer from migraines due to modern lifestyles and uncertain routines. Migraine is defined as a severely painful headache, which can prove very dangerous if not treated in time. An extremely effective way to get rid of this is called Paan Mudra.

By doing this hasta mudra, the headache and migraine pain completely disappear in no time.

While doing this mudra increases the balance and strength of the mind. By its constant practice, the third eye located in the Bhrkuti is awakened, which is called Sixth Sense.

Apart from this, it decreases anger, lethargy, and stress and increases memory.

Vyan Mudra: High blood pressure is a major health hazard that affects you in many ways. Vyan Mudra is the best way to reduce blood pressure! It controls high or low blood pressure,

  • Increases enthusiasm, and speed of thought,
  • Reduces drowsiness,
  • Improves excessive sweating, thirst, and urination.
  • With the practice of this Mudra, aeration can be normalized.

Apan Vayu Mudra: increases the earth element with the fire element and reduces the air element in the body. This balance of elements helps to cleanse the body and supply more oxygen to the heart. As a result, it increases the strength of our hearts.

Apan Vayu Mudra prevents heart disorders, treats the shrinkage of the arteries of the heart, reduces the effects of a heart attack.

Aditi Mudra removes the lethargy from the body, which reduces problems like fatigue. It prevents problems like continual sneezing, and diseases like frequent colds can also be overcome.

Aditi Mudra has many spiritual benefits as well.

Udan Mudra: The practice of Udan Mudra strengthens the vocal cords (voice), thyroid-parathyroid glands. It improves the respiratory system and reduces asthma-related issues by making breathing smooth. This is a wonderful yoga pose to calm the mind and fill the mind and body with zeal. It also improves your mood and removes all the gloominess.

Mushti Mudra stimulates the energy of the liver and stomach, corrects digestion, as well as helps in reducing the discomfort of constipation. It helps us to get rid of negative thoughts.

The fist is a mark of anger; practicing this mudra makes it easy to control emotions like envy and rage. It overcomes the problem of high blood pressure and decreases heart-related complaints.

The Dharmachakra Mudra is called the gesture of the teaching of the Dharma Chakra, which is one of the most important moments of Buddha’s life.

The Buddha performed Dharmachakra Mudra in his first sermon at Sarnath after attaining enlightenment.

  • This mudra attains meditation power.
  • Practicing this mudra helps in maintaining inner purity and peace.
  • It has a positive effect on life.
  • This pose molds you in a calm and pure form.
  • Dharmachakra mudra is also used in yoga.

Kati Mudra: Sitting in the same place and working throughout the day causes stagnation in our physical motion. Which also affects our spinal cord/spine.

And after that stressful day, we don’t do any exercise, to make our body feel a little active, strong and relaxed. In such a situation, the muscles around our spine start to weaken. With the same weakness, if we do any physical activity or lift a weight, then it causes severe pain in the waist.

To get rid of this pain, you can practice the Kati Mudra. This relieves most of your waist (lower back) problems (such as slip disc, sciatica).

Pustak Mudra is especially beneficial for students. Practicing this mudra activates the subtle cells of the brain and helps to attain concentration. If you are not able to focus on studying then practicing this mudra may help you develop an interest in studies. It leads you to acquire more knowledge in less time. Even the most difficult book becomes easy to understand.

Garuda Mudra increases blood flow and circulation.

  • It boosts immunity.
  • This mudra affects the chest and pelvic area, which keeps the energy of the body balanced.
  • It stimulates the organs by reducing the fatigue of the body.
  • It also helps in dealing with stomach-related complaints.
  • This mudra reduces stress and calms you as well as relieves negative energy.
  • Practicing this mudra promotes perseverance, commitment, and discipline.

Mudras come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of which is said to have a unique effect on the body and mind by cleaning the psychic centers and energy pathways.

Disclaimer: Practicing Hasta Mudras is an inexpensive therapy and can work wonders to deal with physical, mental, or emotional difficulties. But make sure you practice them under an expert’s guidance.

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